Product inspection

Medical inspection shall be required before packaging stage as follow:

1) For tablet   : after coating stage

2) For capsule: after filling stage

Why we need auto inspection machine?

+ According to the servey that the manual inspection capacity is about 90.000 tablets/two people/hour BUT unstable

+ Employee can not fully focus on this classification job the whole day/month/year because exhausted, tired eyes & their mood

+ Workers can not classify the tablet or capsule with tiny dirt (50 µm – equivalent with diameter of human hair) in thousands of pills

+ Worker can not find clastic or metal piece inside the tablet too

But with the automated inspection machine is completely different:

+ The machine can work all day long with high stability & accuracy

+ It is able to inspects 25μm size defect

+ The machine can check the impurities in tablets and control the volume of pharmaceutical material in capsules, thanks to 3D cameras


Tablet : Spot, Scratch, Crack, Chip, Foreign particle, Miss print, Poor mark, Different color, Dirt, Depth error, Bad coating, etc
Capsule : Spot on body, Joint defect, Hole on cap, Empty capsule, Dent, Missing letter, Spot on corner, etc

Tien Tuan provides a great solution for companies who are facing difficulties in controlling output products that is “Automatic Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine" manufactured by NFA Co., Ltd. (Made in Seoul, Korea)


Customers would like to have the equipments and machineries in pharmaceutical sector from early stage such as Raw material preparation  to Blistering – Cartoning stage please visit for more details.