Tablet Coating

Many solid dosage drugs in pharmaceutical industry are manufactured with coatings on their external surface. Coating serves various purposes such as taste masking, improving physical properties, release control, appearance support. At TTP Tien Tuan, we design auto coating system which can work on both solvent and aqueous solution to apply film layers on tablets and then dry them by hot air. Additionally, tablets can also be sugar coated and then dried with cool air before discharging to tablet bin.

Auto coating system is designed with various output capacity ranging from 50 kilograms per batch to 350 kilograms per batch or even more upon customer’s request. By using advanced coating technology with fully perforated pan, air exchange efficiency is improved thus it reduces machine working time significantly while ensures coating uniformity for products.

Upon customer’s request, Tien Tuan can design the coating system with through – the –wall or free standing type

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